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Announcing Photon

I'm happy to announce Photon, a modern and powerful syntax highlighter created by and for developers.

Photon announcement
Photon announcement

Just another syntax highlighter?

Over the years I have blogged my experiences and knowledge in numerous articles, almost always using code snippets to show examples. From this practice came the need to use a syntax highlighter that helps readers understand the code.

Of course there are many options available. Great projects have been around for years, growing as they help us tell our adventures for other developers to read.

But personally I have always noticed that something was missing. Maybe a little more robustness, maybe a little more personalization, maybe a little more portability...

From this desire to push the boundaries an idea was born. An idea that begins today its journey with the name of Photon.

In its backpack includes the following functionalities:

  • Support for more than 300 programming languages, markup languages, text formats and others.
  • 10 plugins to increase the expressiveness.
  • More than 40 selected themes and the possibility to create new ones easily.
  • Compatibility with any programming language or platform.
  • Full control over your code, we do not store anything.

These features will grow over time and we hope you find them useful.

Explore the documentation for more details.

We ❤ open source

Many parts of this project are released under an open source license (MIT). You can contribute to the modification or creation of new official libraries, themes, documentation or code samples.

Our repositories are located at

Goal of this blog

In this blog will be published content such as news that concerns the project, technical articles or tips and tricks to get the most out of Photon, among others.

Final note

If you have questions or doubts, you have found a bug or just want to give us feedback you can do it through the email that appears on our website or through the repository

We are also on Twitter! @photondotsh.

Thanks to all who use Photon in their projects, to those who spread our work and to those who contribute to its improvement and growth.

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